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Steptoe is pleased to announce the release of its Teaming Agreement toolkit for government partners. Team and joint venture agreements are often an important part of public procurement. FAR Low 9.6 recognizes that a team agreement “can provide the government with the best combination of performance, cost and delivery for the acquired system or product.” Therefore, the success of team formation – and understanding the potential risks of a teaming – are essential aspects of contract tracking strategy for contractors, as competition for federal programs today is often a team against a team and not companies against companies. Given the fierce competition for federal contracts, there is a bonus for selecting teammates with whom you can collaborate and who share your company`s values and interests to successfully track and maintain the awarding of a government contract. The team training process, including the assessment of the risks associated with teamwork, the conduct of due diligence in selecting teammates, compliance with pro-competitive policies and other applicable regulatory requirements, and the development of a team agreement that recalls the intentions of the parties are essential to the success of an equipment agreement. In order to provide a resource to companies implementing a potential team agreement, Steptoe created the Teaming Agreement Toolkit to identify some important considerations and potential risks associated with competition in the federal market, such as.B. Reflections on diligence in selecting a teammate, identifying and mitigating risks, and the current state of the law that represents obstacles to negotiating team agreements prior to team selection. BONN, Germany, February 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Rheinmetall and Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) Company have signed a strategic team agreement for the competition in the German Air Force`s Heavy Transport Helicopters (STH) program. “The renewal of the team contract is the result of the long-standing collaboration between Diehl Defence and Schiebel,” said Helmut Rauch, a member of Diehl`s defence steering committee.

“We believe that Schiebel is a competent partner and that the Camcopter S-100 is the best possible product for all remote-controlled aircraft operations of the German Navy.” As a toolkit, it doesn`t address all the requirements, problems or risks a company must take into account when pursuing a team agreement, but Steptoe can help contractors form and implement a team contract that is consistent with your company`s goals and objectives.