Al Fong Comes To Wisconsin August 5th & 6th

2017 National JO Program of the Year – GAGE Center

  • Saturday, August 5th at Scamps from 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
    • Al Fong Gymnastics Lecture (Coaches Only)
    • More about Al Fong…
      • Owner / Operator of the Great American Gymnastics Express, Inc. (GAGE) for 34 years.
      • World Championships – 2013 Personal Coach of Brenna Dowell
      • Personal coach of Terin Humphrey and Courtney McCool – 2004 Olympians
      • Personal coach for Ivana Hong – 2008 alternate for the US Olympic Team
      • Personal coach for Sarah Finnegan – 2012 alternate for the US Olympic Team
      • 2004 USA Gymnastics Coach of the Year
      • Assistant coach for 2003 World Championships in Anaheim, California
      • Assistant coach for 2002 World Championships in Debrecen, Hungary
      • Assistant coach for 1989 World Championships in Germany
      • Head coach for these international meets from 1986 to present:
        • Pacific Alliance Meet – China
        • Germany DTP Cup
        • Catania Invitational – Italy
        • France / USA Meet
        • Canada / Australia / USA meet
        • Pacific Alliance Meet – Hawaii
        • World Sports Fair – Japan
        • Swiss Cup – Switzerland
    • Cost:  $25/coach in-state ($50/coach out-of-state)


  • Sunday, August 6th at Scamps from 9:00 am – Noon
    • Al Fong Gymnastics Clinic (Coaches & 3 Athletes/Club)
    • Requirements
      • This is for Wisconsin coaches & athletes only
      • Coach must have attended Al’s lecture the day before
      • Bring up to 3 beginner / developing optional athletes per club (working Level 7 skills and above).  These athletes should be what you would consider your “future Level 10’s”.  This clinic would not be recommended for current Level 9/10’s that are set in their ways.
    • Cost:  Free for in-state coaches that attended the clinic the day before. This portion of the clinic is not available to out-of-state coaches / athletes.
    • Registration:  You must register your athletes through at  The event name is “Al Fong Comes To Wisconsin”

Problem Solving Clinic

Please be sure to read the below document.  Key points include…

  1. Registration is through the online reservation system at USA Gymnastics
  2. Skills or combinations that you wish to work on need to be emailed to Jay ( in advance
  3. Please register by June 17th so Jay has time to organize

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  • Saturday, June 24th at Scamps from 9:00 am – Noon
    • Cooperative Problem Solving Clinic by Jay Murphy
    • Please read the document above for full details and registration instructions


Flipping Education Clinic

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  • Sunday, July 9th at Gymfinity from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
    • Flipping Education Preschool Clinic by Linda Thorberg & Brant Lutska
    • Linda Thorberg and Brant Lutska are National Instructors for USA Gymnastics.  Linda is the Preschool Director at TAGS Gymnastics, MN and also the RTCC, and Brevet Judge for USA Gymnastics Region 4. Brant is the NJ State Chair, National Judge, State Champion High School Coach and former club owner. Both Linda and Brant have been awarded the “Educator of the Year” award from USA Gymnastics.
    • Cost:  $25/coach  (please make checks payable to “USA Gym WI” and mail to Scamps Gymnastics)
    • Register (please register by June 10th to get a t-shirt)


Yurchenko Clinic

  • Sunday, May 21st at Scamps from 9:00 am – Noon
    • Yurchenko Vaulting by Don Houlton (Yurchenko Vaulting Outline)
    • Don Houlton currently coaches at Illinois Gymnastics Institute (IGI) where he has helped produce many top level athletes.  Houlton’s previous positions include assistant coaching at both the University of Arkansas and Yale University.  Before his time in college coaching he was at Nebraska Gold Gymnastics in Omaha, where he was the Owner & Head Coach for many  years.
    • Cost:  $10/coach
    • Register