Revised qualifying requirements for Regionals in 2021.

If an athlete has achieved the following scores at State or any sanctioned meet during 2019-2021 seasons, she is eligible to compete at Regionals in 2021.  

The athlete needs to have achieved those scores at their current level.

  • Level 10  AA 34.00   IES 8.5
  • Level 9    AA 34.00   IES 9.00
  • Level 8    AA 34.00   IES 9.00
  • Level 7    AA 34.00   IES 9.00
  • Level 6    AA 34.00   IES  9.00
  • Xcel Diamond AA 33.50   IES 9.00
  • Xcel Platinum AA 33.50   IES 9.00
  • Xcel Gold         AA 34.00   IES 9.00
  • Xcel Silver       AA 35.50   IES 9.00
  • Xcel Bronze    AA 35.50    IES 9.00

The Regional Committee recognizes that some athletes have not been able to train due to COVID and are trying to encourage participation in State and Regional meets.  If an athlete needs to petition to Regionals, the petition scores are the same as above.

*IES – Individual Event Specialist ‐ Declared to be a specialist prior to entering State Meet and enters 3 or less events


Wisconsin state board has votes to allow Virtual meets to qualify for state as long as they meet the judging requirements. Currently there is not a WI virtual schedule, but they are allowed if a team would like to do one on there own.